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a few thoughts on addiction: a short term strategy for happiness

addiction is the ingrained habit of feeding off of something again and again, seeking relief from stress and suffering.
the addictive part comes because the peace of mind our addictions bring, while intense, don't last very long. yet we seek the short term relief over and over and over, not understanding that long term relief is possible.we develop tolerances to our addictions (alcohol, drugs, money, sex) and need more and more to give us the relief addictions have side effects or drawbacks. addictions often require antisocial actions to regain access to the stuff we're craving. these actions come at the expense of relationships, careers, etc. so addictions are a strategy for peace of mind, no matter how short the duration.

our addicitons are ways to stop ourselves from experiencing what we're thinking, feeling, experincing physically. Addiction is self-medication or self-diagnostic. A way to address an underlying condition. People don't become addicted when they have und…