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unconditional freedom

Unconditional freedom can be found amidst a river of intense emotions and the hectic current of life, when we make a conscious decision to stop all forms of activity, dropping our habitual tendencies to push on through the ceaseless waves of dramas.  It asks that we stay put in the fray, knowing that even more challenges may arise spontaneously from underlying depths.
Unconditional freedomarrives when the momentum unwinds and we investigate the fears and craving that push us around, rather than act on their behest. We begin to understand how the view that there is something missing from this moment is what creates our discomfort. There is nothing missing.
Unconditional freedomruns against the flow of human activity, the activities promoted by what is taught, advertised, marketed, and often agreed upon by the horde. It provides us leeway despite the demands placed on us by work, family, friends and our own, incessantly judgmental minds and physical stresses. It relieves us from the belie…