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Skeletal Notes I prepared for my Tricycle Retreat on Addiction

talk 1, the nature of addiction: the root of addiction is a craving to get rid of all forms of stress and discomfort
—some stresses stem from underlying feelings of loneliness, uniqueness, isolation
—some from obsessive thinking
—the inevitable, unavoidable discomforts of life; abandonment, rejection, criticism, blame, etc
—these are inner states that the addict is largely unfocused on and towards which develops little tolerance

addictions primarily relieve our awareness of our inner stress
—the solutions are short term, with long term consequences that in no way develop tolerance or lasting solutions
—the addict largely blames his suffering on external conditions, and fails to see how his lack of tolerance plays a central role in the addictive spiral

karma & coping strategies: neurons that fire together wire together
habitual reactions to stress become increasingly ingrained, the mind develops ruts

finding any additional stress unbearable, further keeping our addictions in place are a set o…