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being comfortable with not knowing

We don't get to nibbana and the end of suffering until we reach the end of the world
Our desire to "figure out the world and life" stems from a craving for immediate security, immediate control, immediate avoidance of any discomfort.—The conceptual, linguistic, literal mind wants to figure it all out so that we can live without loss or discomfort.—The left hemisphere is the source of so much of our optimism and sense of control.
We cobble together maps of the world, people, life, from a vast array of second hand sources, “common sense,” which point us towards external, short term happiness.—“Work hard and you can accomplish anything." “Absence makes the heart grow stronger.” Not always true.—Views are simplistic, reductionist,subject to examples that break the rules
A feeling of control and power that derives from believing we've got it all sussed, rather than our mind is just filled with a bunch of second hand ideas that help us some of the time.—fueled by fear o…

not caring what others think

We learn by watching others, seeing what works and doesn't work.As human beings we have mirror genes that allow us to empathize with the sufferings of others.Our feelings of safety and security depend on feeling accepted and protected by the tribe; being ostracized cuts deeply, often leaving us feeling alone, insecure, self-doubting.It can be disconcerting when we are criticized, in relationships, work, families, friends, art.—sharp, chiding, disparaging words about our reputationssecurity feel threatened.—there's a tendency to turn disparagements into identity views, to feel trapped—it can leads to papanca, an inner debate with those who disapprove of us.—by the end, the mental agitation far outweighs the original reprimand
if we feel there's some validity to the criticism, it's important to:—dismiss any unskillful elements as the results of stress —incorporate criticism without adding any identity view—reminding ourselves that everyone gets criticized* * * …


In aour consumer culture, bombarded by marketing, with the basic message being: "you need this to be ____ safe, happy, loved, etc"—we're bathed in an overriding meme, that there's something that must be gathered in, grasped, attained and clung to if we're to be achieve any lasting peace.—its not just in our advertisements, it lurks in the messages we receive from institutions, chasing diplomas, commendations, linkedIn recommendations, clean bills of health, etc.
this movement can easily be brought into our spiritual lives as well… we want to gather in some special insights and tools to find lasting peace—its no wonder that so much of spiritual literature and courses do so well—what we learn: i pay to be given something that i'm missing to get me where i can find happiness
inherent in grasping and gathering and clinging are at least four important, unconscious events:1) there's a putting off into the future of inner peace; a sense that real peace cannot be e…