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disentangling the mind through awareness of feelings

disentangling the mind through awareness of feelingsobserving the breath, a sound arises—a repeating buzzer or car horn—a sense of aversion arises—then a thought "why do people have to be so impatient?"—perhaps a memory of a place that was quiet or peaceful—the mind moves into that fabrication, then perhaps launches into an inner dialogue "what did i do wrong or deserve to live here?"—and so with thoughts and images we move farther away from the breath and the event, the sound, that interruptedthis is the process that repeats itself over and over again in the chain of co-dependent arising: sense contact with the world (phassa) leads to feeling (vedana), leads to craving (tanha) leads to attachment (upadana) leads to self-identification (bhavana).So, can we trace the mental events backwards, the self condemnation, back to the memory of the better place, back to the aversion about noise, back to the car horn or buzzer.?—we eventually wind up back with the breathwe ca…