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ending grasping restores power to each moment

Grasping: in a consumer culture, bombarded by marketing, with the basic message being: "you need this to be ____ safe, happy, loved, etc"—we're bathed in an overriding meme, that there's something that must be gathered in, grasped, attained and clung to if we're to be achieve any lasting peace.—its not just in our advertisements, it lurks in the messages we receive from institutions, chasing diplomas, commendations, linkedIn recommendations, clean bills of health, etc.
this movement can easily be brought into our spiritual lives as well… we want to gather in some special insights and tools to find lasting peace—its no wonder that so much of spiritual literature and courses do so well—what we learn: i pay to be given something that i'm missing to get me where i can find happiness
inherent in grasping and gathering and clinging are at least four important, unconscious events:1) there's a putting off into the future of inner peace; a sense that real peace cann…

disillusionment is part of the path

in capitalism, basic human fears and vulnerability are assuaged by a constant influx of mind boggling toys and transfixing sensual perceptions.—we have a steady supply of gadgets, delivering endless media that provide us with hours of distractions—we can travel to every corner of the globe in search of a wide variety of experiences—lifestyles of the rich and famous are paraded before us, creating the illusion that if we play our cards right, we too can live 'endlessly glamorous lives'
as science and technology promises us longer lifespans with more efficient medications, so the notion of coming to grips with mortality are conveniently put aside.
elaborate social media networks provide everyone the opportunity to feel like "a star for at least 15 minutes" transfixed by our Facebook followers and the 'likes' our postings receive.
so material consumption is established as the means and ends to security and happiness. —we chase after the worldly winds of pleasure,…