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Being of Two Minds

We all live in two different worlds at the same time—no, not fantasy and reality, or thought and experience, but rather the differing perspectives provided by the bilateral—left and right hemispheric—brain. This division is useful to understand if we want to appreciate our emotional activations, not to mention the often mysterious ways in which we operate.
Even 2,500 years ago The Buddha was well aware of the composite nature of the mind, suggesting that meditation is best served when experience is broken down into components (note the satipatthana sutta):

1) rupa, basic body sensations, 
2) vedana, underlying, largely somatic states of comfort and discomfort, gut feelings, 
and the two higher cognitive realms of
3) citta—the mind's higher, non-verbal processes, such as emotional activations and the quality of attention;
4) dhammas, the realm ofthought based mental content. 
So let's review the research of Roger Sperry and his colleague Michael Gazzaniga*, performed at Caltech in t…