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what's the point?

Learning to find real meaning, authenticity and peace in life requires developing some control over over how we use the mind, where we focus our attention. What this means is establishing conscious, staying awake, rather than drift off into the social media daze or the mind's dark cineplex of reconstructed memories, plans for the future. Our lives, we may have heard, do not arise out of a wonderful, exciting narrative laced with inspired goals or memorable missions, where some divinity has established a great purpose for ourselves, our families, our country; our species, like all other species, exists with a preset "purpose" (if we can call it that), which is merely to survive and continue the species on and on, which is hardly an ambition or a particularly worthy goal.

So its our job to make something more of it. We establish some semblance of raison d'etre via our thoughts and actions; rather than reciting the same cultural ideas in our heads that have been implante…