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zencare talk: working with the addict

the addict alcoholic's mind is comprised of mutually reinforcing outlooks that create stress:—a view of oneself as being profoundly unique and different from all others in the universe; the addict/alcoholic believes his/her thoughts cannot be understood
—this results in what the buddha termed papancha, or self obsessed thought: what do others think of me?
The alcoholic takes everything personally, considering himself a victim, conspiracies
feels "uncomfortable in his own skin,"three fold disease alcohol and drugs are stress responses.
he's rendered so stressed, that his search is invariably for an external, magic bullet, solution.
—damn the long term consequences.
drugs and alcohol work at first, relieving the mental agitation and stress, but in the long term one develops a tolerance
the addict/alcoholic doesn't believe other solutions existthe problem with the false solutions—drugs, drink, etc:
—external solutions, don't address the underlying condition
—they s…